Eurotek Pro Metal Detector Review

The Teknetics Eurotek Pro is a nice entry level metal detector. The weight and ergonomics make it easy to swing for long periods of time. The settings and button controls are easy to learn. This is not a very complicated detector.

It allows for linear discrimination in which all targets below the chosen point are discriminated out. It does not have notch-discrimination. However, the gives a high tone for coins and low tone for iron with a separate audio sound for lower conductors, which help with identifying targets. There is also a numeric target id. I really like how the audio volume can be set to make iron signals sound fainter.

What I don’t like is that on higher gain settings, you cannot get very close to metal playground poles. Also, in playground sands that are mineralized, the id number drifted. Quarters sometimes drifted up to around 99 on the id and the iron icon would light up when the coin was a few inches deep. There were no other items in the hole.
The other thing I noticed is that it does not pick up smaller bits of foil and aluminum as well as some of the other metal detectors that I have used. The Eurotek Pro would not be my first choice tot lot detector when looking for small gold jewelry pendants or earrings. It might fare better on gold rings, but I have not found one with the Eurotek.

This lack of sensitivity to small foil could be beneficial in the turf where I am more willing to ignore small foil and sacrifice small gold and instead focus on looking for gold rings and larger jewelry items. It is just too much work to try digging all of the super small stuff in grass.

Eurotek Pro versus Tesoro Compadre

I think that the Eurotek Pro better fits my needs and interests in the turf. The tone features and id have some clear advantages over the Compadre in this regard. The audio lets me focus in on lower conductors without having to look at the screen or thumb a nob so I can keep moving. I usually don’t dig everything in the grass.

For playgrounds, it is the opposite. I prefer the Compadre as it does better around the metal poles and it is clearly superior to the Eurotek when it comes to finding the smaller bits of foil and the smaller gold jewelry like chains. This became clear as I did side by side tests on the same items in the woodchips where the detectors were less affected by mineralization.

The Eurotek does offer better ground coverage with the larger coil and does well on coins in the woodchips, but I am after the gold when beeping in playgrounds.

Eurotek Pro versus Garrett Ace 250

I will keep this one short. The Ace 250 is a decent metal detector for beginners, but at about the same price point as the Eurotek Pro, the only important advantage the Ace has over the Eurotek is that the Ace has notch discrimination. The Eurotek Pro has a faster response, the tones are better and it is much more pleasant to use.

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