Is it Safe to Buy a Used Garrett Ace 250?

Metal detectors are not cheap and you may be wondering if it is ok to buy a used Garrett Ace 250 to save a few bucks. As I write this the current street price for a new Ace 250 is $212 and a used Ace 250 can often be purchased for $150-170.

While $40-60 may not seem like much money to some people, I decided to purchase my Ace 250 used and spend the saved money on other metal detecting gear. Over the last 20 years I have purchased around 15 metal detectors. 14 of the these detectors were used and only one ended up needing a minor repair, the speaker was going out on a 13 year old machine.

Some may not like the idea of purchasing anything but a new metal detector, but based on my experience, metal detectors are built to last. The Ace 250 is no exception assuming that the previous owner did not abuse the detector.

Before buying a used Ace 250, be sure to check it out if possible. Some problems to look for are chips in the coil, kinks in the coil cable, buttons that are too loose or that stick, grit or sand around the buttons, discoloration of the display screen, any cracks on the housing or coil. If I found any of these issues I would pass on the detector as they show up in the classifieds or online auctions regularly.

If buying online, make sure there are detailed photos as “like new” seems to vary from mint condition to disgusting depending on who listed it. I also try to avoid purchasing detectors that have been used regularly on the beach as the saltwater mist can get into the housing and corrode the circuit board components.

While it is still possible to get burned even when being cautious, my personal experience has been positive and the accumulated savings have been significant. Oh, and my used Ace 250 still works without any problems.

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