Would you buy the Garrett Ace 250 if money were not an issue?

If money were not an issue, then I would not buy the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector. While it is an excellent entry level metal detector, there are several other detectors available that are much more powerful with better discrimination, depth, mineralization handling, recovery speed, sensitivity to small gold items…

However, these other metal detectors do come at a higher price and some can have a steep learning curve. The nice thing about many of the higher end metal detectors is that rather than trying to be a jack of all trades type of detector, there are specialized options made specifically areas of metal detecting such as gold nugget hunting, beach metal detecting etc.

While some of these detectors may not be as versatile, they are hard to beat in their area of specialty. This is why so many of the more experienced detectorists have multiple metal detectors.

What would you buy?

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