How to Find Gold Jewelry at Parks with a Metal Detector

If you want to find more gold metal detecting inland sites, then you need to first let go of some of the fallacies repeated regularly on the forums.

Clichés such as dig x number of pulltabs to find gold or dig everything in a park to not miss a single piece of gold sound great, but lead to frustration.

These approaches will eventually produce some random finds, but most burn out from the thousands upon thousands of pieces of foil and pulltabs found in most modern parks.

Finding gold jewelry on a regular basis is about using efficient strategies and combined with the right metal detector. Here are some tips for finding gold rings, earrings, pendants and chains at the park:

  1. Search where people actually wear gold or you won’t find it despite digging x number of pulltabs.
  2. Metal detect areas where gold wearing moms, dads, teens, kids congregate on a regular basis.
  3. The more jumping, running, chasing or other intense activity that occurs in one of the congregating sites the better.
  4. You may miss some random gold drops, but leave the wide open less used areas for someone else. Playing the odds is more rewarding.
  5. Consider ignoring coins and subsequently the few larger silver jewelry ids and dig more low conductors.
  6. Do what the lazy detectorists don’t do: Dig deeper, dig smaller, dig closer to polls or under structures, dig more junk.
  7. Use a metal detector that is more sensitive to smaller gold items as more small rings, earrings and pendants are lost than larger rings.
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