Best Vlogging Microphone? Rode Wireless Go Review

Rode Wireless Go Review

There are a lot of different options for vlogging mics. In this review I am going to share my thoughts on using the Rode Wireless Go mic for vlogging.

To this point, my main go to mic for vlogging has been the Rode Video Mic Pro Plus. It is a shotgun mic that can easily mount to the top of my camera.

In some circumstances, the shotgun mic is great. The pickup pattern of a shotgun mic is very narrow which helps to eliminate a lot of background noise.

However, turning your head away from the mic can cause your audio to drop out.

For this video review, I left the video mic pro+ at home and completely relied on the wireless go for my audio.

Unlike the video mic pro+, the wireless go is, well, wireless.

It was really easy to set up. It comes in two main pieces, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter has a built in mic and you can attach the included deadcat to the mic. The receiver clips onto the camera hotshoe and then you attach a short audio cable to the receiver and to the camera.

The devices power on by holding down the power buttons for a couple of seconds.

Out of the box, the wireless go should already be synced. However, mine was not. To sync, I pressed the sync button and then while it tried to sync, I had to press the power button on the mic piece and after a couple of seconds they were in sync.

There is a db gain button with low, medium and high settings. I kept mine on medium and it did just fine with the mic clipped to my backpack strap.

I really like the small form factor of this mic. It does not stand out as much as the video mic pro+, so it draws less attention.

It also takes up much less space, which will be great for travel.

I was very pleased with the audio quality. I plan to use this in place of the video mic when hiking. However, next time I will try mounting it a little lower on my backpack as the audio pickup dropped some when I turned my head away from my left shoulder. Looking forward or to the left, it was fine.

The battery life is great. I used it for a couple of hours and did not run out of battery.

It costs less than the video mic pro+ and would be a great alternative for vlogging.

Overall, it is super light, convenient, and I am pleased with my purchase. I would total buy the Rode Wireless Go again.

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