SwitchPod Tripod Review! Still Worth It?

SwitchPod Vlogging Tripod Review

The SwitchPod is an alternative to the tried and true Joby Gorillapods for vlogging. But is it actually worth it?

The SwitchPod is definitely a well build vlogging tripod and there are a lot things I like about it and some things I don’t.

In this video I will give you my personal opinion of this tripod. For transparency, I purchased this tripod, it was not given to me.

In summary, I really like the build. The grip is amazing. It is very comfortable to hold.

I am not a fan of the tightening mechanism and while it works as a tripod, it is not as flexible as the Gorillapod.

The SwitchPod has a lower profile and is easier to fit into a backpack.

It does not come with a ballhead unless you upgrade, but you are probably better off getting it without a ballhead and then get one separately that has a quick release plate. My favorites are this one from Joby and this more affordable one from Sunwayfoto.

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