Canon EOS R or Sony A7S III – Should I Switch Back to Sony AGAIN?

In a previous video I discussed my thoughts on switching from the Sony A7III to the Canon EOS R. I will leave a link in the description if you are interested in seeing that.

In this video I consider switching from the Canon EOS R to the Sony A7S III. But, wait. why don’t I just upgrade to the EOS R5 or R6? Coming up…

Today, I will decide if my previous $6,000 mistake will have a sequel… But, first, some context.

I am not sponsored and I don’t receive discounts or perks like getting cameras early. I am just like you. I have to pay for what I use. So, I can say what I want about any piece of gear. If you appreciate that the best way to support this channel is to smash the like button. 

I am a full-time software engineer. Making videos for YouTube is a hobby. I enjoy the creative process but it takes time. Something that is limited as I have to balance my time working on videos with being a dad.

So for me, improving efficiency and simplifying my workflow is becoming really important to me. This has changed the way I do things, the tools that I think are important and the ones I have chosen to let go of. I will probably share more of these changes in a future video so subscribe if you want to see that one.

My switch from the A7III to the EOS R was one of the first steps in this simplification process. I was willing to give up the 120 fps and other better specs in order to have an easy to use camera that could deliver reasonably good results straight out of camera with minimal fiddling in post. 

Yes, you can color grade in post. But everything you do in post adds up. So, it becomes more a matter of priority over camera capability.

Because, I made a video of that change, I won’t go into to it here. That said, for the most part, I have been pleased with that decision other than the cost of switching camera systems.

This year has been an exciting one for camera releases. Some of you asked if I was interested in the EOS R5 or R6 that were recently released. I looked into the them, but decided to pass. 8K is overkill for my needs and I can’t justify the price of the R5.

I would like to have 120 fps again and I am interested in 4K without the EOS R crop. Even though the R6 has this, it just was not interesting enough for me to upgrade.

Now some of the feature enhancements for the R5 and R6 probably have more appeal to photographers. For me, my cameras are used most of the time for video, so for some people, theses two cameras are probably really great options.

Then in an unexpected surprise, Sony releases the long awaited A7S III camera. 

Some of the things that caught my attention was that addition of the touch enabled flip out screen and an updated menu. I really don’t like the old Sony menu system. 

Another improvement is the out of camera colors. They look much better than the A7III that I previously owned. Again, you can edit colors in post, but since I am not primarily a filmmaker, good colors straight out of camera is great.

Being able to switch between photo and video modes without losing settings is cool. Not something I mentioned in my previous video, but it was something that bothered me.

Dual card slots is helpful. Not a deal killer for me, but a plus.

As I mentioned, I miss 120 fps but due to file sizes I don’t see myself doing much 4k 120 fps. So this also a nice to have but non-essential feature for me. 

They improved the low light which is really good, especially if you shoot indoors a lot like I do. That is one of the short falls of the EOS R. It is not bad, but I do feel like I have to me more careful with my lighting and settings to try to avoid noise.

The A7III was better in this area and the A7S III improves it. This is one of the aspects of the A7III that I do miss.

Here are 3 things that really stood out to me.The removed the recording limit. I regularly get in the zone talking and don’t notice that I went over 30 minutes and have to go back and re-record parts of videos. Super frustrating for someone with limited time.

Now you can get around this with an external recorder like the Atomos ninja, but that is one more device and I am favoring a simplified workflow so not having a limit is really cool. 

Being able to record higher bit rates and get better dynamic range in camera without an external recorder is also really cool.

Improved audio recording. In addition to improvements in the camera audio, the hotshoe has additional contacts that allow you to use Sony mics and accessories without a dangling cable. Less clutter is great, but what really excites me is the Sony XLR-K3M which allows you to run your XLR mic straight into the camera through the hotshoe. 

The K3M lets you use digital audio for cleaner audio.

I currently record to a zoom f4 external audio recorder and sync it in post. This is not hard, but is another step. The real downside is that I sometimes forget to hit record or think I have because the room is darker when I make my videos. Having to go back and re-record to get consistent audio is so frustrating.

I have tried recording straight to the EOS R from my mic, but the results were not as good as the zoom. They were okay, just not close enough for me to record straight into the camera. 

With the A7S III and the K3M that changes things. I could probably remove the external audio recorder all together.

So, to give myself a little more time to make my decision, let share some reasons why you might consider staying with the EOS R.

If you do a lot of photography, the smaller sensor on the A7S III might not be the best option for you. You won’t be able to crop as much. The A7S III really seems built for video.

If you only shoot video in 1080 and don’t use 120 fps, then the upgrade may not be worth the price of switching.

If you have a lot of Canon lenses. It can be costly to switch. Having learned from my past switches, I now only buy used lenses so that swapping lenses isn’t costly. 

If you mainly shoot in lighter conditions, then you may not need the low light performance of the A7S III. 

If you plan to continue to use external audio recorders, video recorders or if you like the audio you get recording straight into the EOS R, then the change may not be worth it.

The EOS R is a really good camera. I really like it and for a lot of people, upgrading to the A7S III or to the R5 or R6 may not be that practical. 

So, what should you do?

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So, seriously…

Should I do it?…


My A7S III is ordered. 

I know. I am just some crazy flippant dude when it comes to cameras.

But, it is what it is. And had Sony announced the A7S III earlier, I would have waited for it and never made the jump to the EOS R. 

I really do think that the A7S III will better align with my goal to simplify my process without sacrificing much in quality.

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