Sony A7S3 – 8 Things I Don’t Like

The first thing that I don’t like about the A7S3 is… 

Actually, I think I will start with 8 and work my way to number one.

So, here we go. The 8 things I dislike about the A7S3 or miss from the EOS R.

8. When changing lenses, the sensor is not covered so it is easier for dust to get on the sensor. On the EOS R, when the camera is turned off, the sensor is covered.

It’s like that extra sense of security, so that you don’t accidentally get another child.

Ah well. Maybe it will be worth it.

7. It was really helpful to to have a small lcd on top of the camera to see my settings at a glance. This A7S3 does not have this.

6. The Sony mic and hotshoe configuration is limiting. The terminals are on the front side of the hotshoe and on the mic. The mic does not swivel, so you can only use the mic in the forward position. You can’t point the mic at you if you are talking from behind the camera. 

You could argue that the problem is with the camera or the mic. But since they were designed to work with each other, this is an annoying oversight.

5. Like on the A7III, the shutter button is placed on top of the camera forcing you to stretch your index finger to take a picture.  On the EOS R, the shutter button is on an angle between the top part of the camera and grip right where your index finger rests, making it much more comfortable and easy to use.

4. The grip is better than on the A7III, but it is just short enough that my pinky half dangles off the bottom of the camera making it less comfortable. The EOS R was a tiny bit taller and did not have this problem. It makes a huge difference.

You could fix this with a battery grip, but then the bulkiness kinda defeats the purpose of a smaller mirrorless camera.

3. The eyepiece is softer than the one on the EOS R which makes it more comfortable, but the thing is a dust magnet. This makes the camera look grungy. My last camera’s eye piece did not attract dust.

2. The flip out screen feels a little more cramped than I am used to. It is smaller than my last camera.

1. Some of the settings in the menu use odd abbreviations that make you have to guess at what the settings do.

And some bonus Hate…

-1. The Sony has a lot of magic menus. What this means is that depending on your current settings, the menu options change. Some appear and some are hidden. The other way to handle this is to show the hidden menu items in a disabled state. 

On their face, magic menus seem like a good idea because you are only showing options the user can select at that time. However, they can cause confusion because a user can go looking for a setting they have seen before, but not know why that can’t find it anymore. 

From a usability perspective, changing menus can be more frustrating than helpful. Especially for people who are new to the system.

I guess we are up to 10 things I don’t like about the A7S3 so far and in no particular order. However, the one that is my biggest complaint is the mic terminals for the reasons I mentioned. 

But, bruh. Do you like the camera?

Most of these are petty things that I will get used to.

So, Yes. I really like the camera.

Ok. So those were a bunch on nitpicks. The A7S III is actually the first camera to ever meet most of my wants and needs.

In this next video, I share the reason I picked the Sony A7S III over the Canon EOS R5.

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