10 Reasons I Picked A7S III over EOR R5

Up until now, my commitment to a particular camera has been about as consistent as a politician. As committed to my shipmates as Jack Sparrow. So, lets get started.

Here are the 10 reasons I bought the A7S III instead of the R5.

  • I wanted a camera that records for long periods of time reliably. I don’t want to wait for a camera to cool down. I don’t want a camera that limits video recording to 30 minutes. A7S III for the win.
  • I wanted a camera with really good low light performance. I record a lot of my videos indoors. The ceiling lights in my studio are awful, so I rely 100% on my studio lights. The easier it is to get cleaner video, the better.
  • I don’t need or want 8k footage. The files will be huge, hard to process and completely unnecessary for me. I mostly shoot in 1080 and upscale to 4k or shoot in 4k when I want more flexibility to punch in. 
  • My main use case is video. So having the smaller sensor to get the improved lowlight performance is fine for me. I still have the EOS R and a couple of other cameras that will work well enough for photos if I need something bigger. The R5 would clearly dominate in several areas of photography. It’s just overkill for me.
  • Sony’s improved audio along with the Sony digital shotgun mic are a big plus for me. The easier it is to get clean audio, the better. I like keeping my process as simple as possible. The Sony adds special electrical contacts to the hot shoe that works with the ECM-B1M mic to record a digital audio signal straight to the camera.
  • It seems that EOS R5 users are reporting that the video codecs of the R5 are bringing their editing rigs to their knees. They are having to convert to a more friendly codec or else rely on proxies.
  • Getting good colors with minimal color grading required. Color grading is cool and all, but if you are taking a more practical approach to making Youtube videos, simple can be better. One of the reasons I switched to the EOS R was because I like the colors straight out of the camera. The R5 also has great colors. I was not a huge fan of the A7III colors, but the A7S III really closed the gap for me. So, for me this isn’t a case of the Sony is better. It is close enough. Colors are subjective and you can do color grading if you want. But, I want the flexibility to grade when I want to and to just get decent colors without color grading most of the time.
  • The price. I’m not going to lie. The R5 is expensive. If you want or need 8k footage or want the high resolution for photography, then the cost may be justified. For my needs it isn’t. Even before the A7S III was announced, I did not plan to upgrade from my EOS R to the R5. In this price range, a camera needs to meet most or all of my needs. The EOS R met enough of my needs, but at a much lower price.
  • It seems that Sony has been making efforts to pack in more features for a lower price. Canon missed the mark. The R6 should have been comparable to the A7S III and the R5 should have been a more powerful version with higher resolution.
  • The A7S III makes me wanna smash like buttons. Hit the like button if you agree.
  • Ok. 10.1 Dual cards slots that both take SD cards as well as CFexpress. I will probably stick with SD cards for most of my videos so having two slots for redundancy is helpful. 

In summary, I primarily shoot video. The R5 is a cool camera, but I chose the A7S III over the R5 because for the first time, there is a camera in this price range that ticks off every item on my wants and needs list. The R5 strengths just don’t align as well with my practical approach to making videos. Though I am sure it will be great for a lot of people.

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