GoPro Hero 9 Cinematic Video Settings

I am assuming you already have the GoPro Hero 9. If not, then, yes… It’s worth it.

These settings will help you get Cinematic footage with your GoPro Hero 9. 

The first thing that we need to do is select one of these default video settings. It doesn’t really matter because we are going to make some changes.

Resolution, frames per second are up to you. I am going to go with 5k and 24 fps. 

GoPro Hero 9

For the lens, if you like the fisheye look, go with Wide. I like less distortion so I prefer linear or when I want a straight horizon I use linear + horizon. It works well.

We want our footage look smooth so lets change hypersmooth to hypersmooth boost. You will get the best stabilization, but it will crop in more than the “On” position. If the crop bothers you or you don’t need as much stabilization. Set it to “On”.

Now let’s jump down to the Protune section. 

We want to max out our bit rate. High will set it to 100 mega bits per second to collect the most data for higher quality footage. 

We won’t be using an nd filter to control the amount of light coming into the camera, so we will leave the shutter on “auto” to handle exposure. 

I don’t like the overexposed look of GoPro’s default setting so lets drop this down to -1 or -2. I usually go with -1.

I mostly use the GoPro outdoors so I prefer to set the white balance to 5500K which is daylight. If it’s overcast, you can try bumping it up a little, but 5500k is where I want it most of the time. 

Auto can really mess things up so I avoid it.

We want the ISO Min to be as low as it goes. We want to limit the Max so we don’t get too much noise. I like 1600.

Some people like to set a higher ISO because when it gets dark you can lose stabilization. The higher you go the more grain you get. I just avoid those situation or try to add more light myself, because the grainy footage isn’t worth it.

GoPro likes to over sharpen footage so we need to turn this down. I never use high. I mostly use medium because I don’t want to mess with it in post. If you prefer to add sharpness later, then set it to low.

Changing the color to flat will preserve more highlights and shadows for better looking footage most of the time. If you don’t want to mess with colors later or if you are in really lowlight or if you like the contrasty GoPro look, then set the color to “GoPro”. 

Next up is Audio. Let’s set the Raw Audio to High. Set and forget.

Wind reduction often messes up the audio. Let’s keep that off. I turn this off on all of my cameras.

You can get a GoPro 9 here.

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