10 Best Gift Ideas for Youtubers 2020

Here are my top ten camera gift ideas for youtubers and vloggers for Christmas 2020.

1. SD Card Case

I have tried a lot of different storage options for my sd cards. The ones with plastic sleeves tear. Others have a tough plastic shell, but the fit is tight, which can break cards.

The best one I have used is this one by Pelican. It is tough and well built. I wouldn’t trade it.

2. Gorillapod

When you are making videos, you need someplace to put the camera. If you are vlogging, the Joby 3k prohttps://geni.us/5uwrjP can be used as a mini tripod as well as a grip to hold onto when you are moving around. Go for the 3k Pro and skip the regular 3k since the 3k ball head is bad.

3. TENBA Camera Bag Inserts

Some people like the big bulky camera backpacks. Personally, I think they scream, I have expensive camera gear. Rob me. They also are super expensive and not that comfortable. 

I prefer to find a comfortable backpack and they use these inserts by Tenba to protect my camera. I have two different styles. One that works with a top load backpack and one for a front load. Going this route is so much more comfortable and the whole setup looks better.

4. SD Cards

Videos take up a lot of space, so we all can use more sd cards. However, not all cards are the same. Some cards are faster than others and some cards have file size limits. The cards you want for for video are sdxc.

The cards from Lexar are my favorites. I also like the Sony cards. The UHS-II ones have two rows of contacts which mean they are more performant in cameras that support UHS-II but the will also work on cameras that are UHS-I so they will work on your current camera and they are more future proof.

5. Samsung T7 SSD

For traveling, I don’t want to carry around large heavy external hard drives. The T7 ssd drives by Samsung are small and light weight. They also look sleek. They easily fit in your pocket so if your luggage gets lost, you still have your footage.

6. Aputure MC RGB LED Lights

These MC lights are super helpful. I use them all the time for adding a splash of color to my thumbnail photos. I also use then as accent lights around my set. They don’t take up much space, last a long time and are super useful.

7. ND Filters

When it is bright outside and you want that blurry background that give a more cinematic look, you need some sunglasses for your camera lens. These variable NDs let you adjust how much light comes in. I have used cheap ones and more expensive ones. If I were buying a new set, I would get the ones by freewell. If you are on a budget, then check out the ones from Hoya.

8. Batter Charger

Camera companies rip us off when it comes to battery chargers. There are super cheap alternatives out there, but they often break easily or don’t charge that well. I like this one by Watson. It charges 2 batteries at a time.

The charging plates are removable so you can use it with different batteries. The plates only cost around $2. It also has a readout to let you know how close it is to being charged.

9. Power Brick

A travel power brick is super useful. It lets you recharge your devices on the go. I also find it helpful to hook up one of these to a go pro or camera when shooting longer time-lapses. Like the sun rise sunset ones.

10. Deity D3 Pro

Going from a cheaper microphone to a better quality one makes a huge difference in audio quality and is a better experience for people who view your videos. I have the Rode Video Mic Pro plus, but if I didn’t, I would go for the Deity D3 Pro.

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