Javascript UI Engineer

My name is James.
I enjoy building single page web applications.


Here is some of my recent work as well as favorite projects.
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Core Skills

In a changing world, the student sees a world of opportunity, while the educated find themselves prepared for the world of yesteryear.


I'm talking plain old ES6 javascript, not jquery.
Skill Level:


Elements, Styles, Responsive...Sass.
Skill Level:

Front-end Frameworks

React, Angular, AngularJs, Sencha
Skill Level:


Node, MongoDb, Java, MySql...
Skill Level:

Relief Woodcarving

Like the woodcarving, who we are is the summation of thousands of small choices.

About Me

Javascript Developer

I am a mormon, a husband, a father of three boys and I like to code.

I also enjoy learning new things. Here are some of my interests and hobbies...

My Interests

Landscape Painting

One of my more recent interests. Capturing the beauty of Nature's musical-like abstract shapes with just enough detail to let the mind fill in the blanks...

Relief Woodcarving

I was first introduced to relief woodcarving by skilled carver in Dobrich, Bulgaria many years ago. I knew then that someday I would take up the chisel...

Gold Panning

Looking for little gold flakes and nuggets is so exciting! I never tire of moving piles of rocks ad gravel even if I only find a couple bucks worth of gold...

Metal Detecting

I found my first dime under the tutelage of the legendary treasure hunter Charles Garrett. More than 20 years later I continue to enjoy the search...


I enjoy the learning the sciences as much as the arts. As a young boy and even today, I find paleontology, geology, archeaology and biology fascinating...

Nature Photography

I thrill to capture a small moment in time, the majestic beauty and complexity of a wonderful world God has created for us, comprehending that life is no accident...


I am particularly interested in early immigration in the Southwest, Meso-American history, ethnic and labor relations during the gold rush period, all things mormon history and family history...

Foreign Languages

I speak Bulgarian fairly well, I studied Spanish for several years and I have dabbled in Portuguese and Hebrew, which was incredibly exciting...

Landscape Painting

Discovering Nature's fine complexities through abstraction and melodic strokes.